When the Roar Fades – my second novel

“Adulation is stronger than a Class A drug,” (Barry McGuigan)

When the Roar Fades is Paul Gadsby’s second novel. A crime thriller dealing with themes of fame, ignominy, wounded pride and coveted recognition, it addresses the intense physical and mental struggle that many sports stars face after retirement.

It will be released soon; further updates will be made available on this website and @PaulJGadsby

Here is a little info about the plot. . .

Recently retired boxer Jackie Florence is missing the adrenalin rush of brutal combat and boisterous fans. There are no more bright lights or flashing cameras, just some driving and the ‘odd job’ for his shady old boxing manager, Max Taylor.

Max and his well-connected business partner, Stephen Hamilton, think they have just the plan to get Jackie back on his feet: make him the star of their underground bare-knuckle fighting circuit in south London. Jackie’s not keen, though, and takes on a surveillance task that Max offers him instead, only to land himself in the scope of a tenacious detective hunting a big murder charge.

Jackie also has his Alzheimer’s-stricken father to care for, and when the old man starts talking about euthanasia, Jackie feels his life spinning further out of control. As the stakes rise and the scars soar, Jackie hatches a desperate plan that throws him into his fiercest battle of all. . .