About me

Paul GadsbyI worked as a news, sports and trade journalist in and around London for 15 years and am now based in my native Northamptonshire. By day I am a copywriter for a national brand, and by night I write my fictional material.

Reading and writing fiction, particularly crime fiction with noir flavours, has been a great passion of mine for many years. Check out my favourite writers and literary, film and TV influences here. I love listing that sort of stuff, but it’s not for everybody which is why it’s tucked away on a different page.

Chasing the Game, published by Matador, was my first novel in 2014. My second work of full-length fiction, Back Door to Hell, was released by Fahrenheit 13, an imprint of Fahrenheit Press, in January 2019. The same company also published my third novel, Turbulence, in June 2021.

Among my short stories, ‘Washed Up’ was published in Fahrenheit’s highly acclaimed Noirville anthology in 2018.

My first published book, back in 2005, was a non-fiction snooker book I co-wrote with Luke Williams titled Masters of the Baize, which was named book of the week in The Sunday Times and The Independent.

Outside of writing and reading, I love watching sports – especially snooker, football, cricket and tennis – along with crime-led films and TV. I live with my wife and young son.

If you’d like to know more about my life (I’m told it bears a remarkable resemblance to that of Jude Law) and my interests on a day-to-day basis, you can find me on Twitter – @PaulJGadsby