New short story available now

A short story of mine called ‘Pecking Order’ has been published in the latest edition of Fahrenzine.


Fahrenzine, launched in 2020, is an innovative publishing venture from Fahrenheit Press where each issue features a single short story ‘from one of the most exciting crime fiction talents in the world’ and is strictly limited to 100 exclusive hand-numbered copies.

Designed in no-nonsense typography and published in a casual pamphlet style, Fahrenzine is inspired by an old-school punk heritage and pays homage to the pioneering spirit of classic zines of the past such as Chainsaw and New York Rocker.

My story, Pecking Order, is a tense tale about a robbery gone and depicts a pivotal moment in the lives of two lackeys jockeying for position within a crime organisation headed by an enigmatic and ruthless boss. Click here to order this copy of Fahrenzine and enjoy some of the best fresh crime fiction out there right now.