Chasing the Game available to pre-order

Chasing the Game front cover

Chasing the Game front cover

The cover for my forthcoming crime thriller Chasing the Game has been released, and the book is now available to pre-order from many retail outlets.

Chasing the Game is the first fictional portrayal of one of England’s most enduring and fascinating crimes – the theft of the Jules Rimet (World Cup) Trophy in London in 1966.

The solid gold trophy was stolen from Westminster Central Hall three months before the tournament and famously discovered by a dog named Pickles in a London street a week later. But the circumstances behind the crime, and its perpetrators, remain unsolved to this day.

For more details on the background behind the real-life theft of the trophy and the plot of Chasing the Game, please click here.

The book will enjoy a timely release in the build-up to this summer’s World Cup in Brazil, a country where the Jules Rimet Trophy was actually stolen again in 1983, and this time never recovered.

You can pre-order Chasing the Game from the book’s publishers Matador, as well as the UK’s iconic independent bookseller Foyles and major retailer Waterstones, as well as Amazon, who you may have heard of.

The book will be available as a paperback as well as an ebook in all major formats, including Kindle and ePub.

More updates as we near publication will be posted on this website and on my Twitter page, @PaulJGadsby

If you would like to order a review copy for your newspaper/magazine/website/blog, or discuss an interview with the author, please feel free to email pauljgadsby(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

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