Coming soon – crime thriller ‘Chasing the Game’

Chasing the Game front cover

Chasing the Game front cover

Chasing the Game, my novel depicting the 1966 theft of the Jules Rimet (World Cup) Trophy in London, will be released very soon.

The book is the first fictional portrayal of this notorious true crime that rocked the Football Association and remains unsolved to this day. Centred within a merciless criminal underworld, Chasing the Game may be a work of fiction but there is one character who makes an appearance playing the same role he did in reality 48 years ago; Pickles the dog.

Publishers Matador are applying the final touches, and the book will enjoy a timely release in the build-up to this summer’s World Cup in Brazil.

For more details on the background behind the real-life theft of the trophy and the plot of Chasing the Game, please click here.

The book will be available as a paperback via many sources including the Matador website and Amazon, and it will also come out as an ebook in all major formats, including Kindle and ePub.

More updates in the lead-up to publication will be posted on this website and on my Twitter page, @PaulJGadsby

If you would like to order a review copy for your newspaper/magazine/website/blog, or discuss an interview with the author, please feel free to email pauljgadsby(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

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